Subtropical Storm Enresto

Subtropical Storm Ernesto formed on the 5 AM advisory on August 15, 2018 as a subtropical depression with winds of 35 mph and a pressure of 1009 mb. It was upgraded to a subtropical storm at the 11 AM advisory with winds of 40 mph and a pressure of 1008 mb.

Ernesto dissipated at the 5 AM advisory on August 18, 2018 into a remnant low.


  • ECMWF - Weak low around 1012 mb that rapidly dissipates and never strengthens.
  • CMC - Weakest low that barely qualifies as a low pressure around 1015 mb.
  • GFS - Weak TS strenghtening as it gains latitude from 1011 mb to 1006 mb.
  • FV3 - Earliest to have the strongest low. Weak TS with pressure around 1011 mb.
  • NAVGEM - Slightly stronger TS with winds around 50 mph but weak low.
  • ICON - Weak low around 1010 mb to 1006 mb with no TS winds.
  • HWRF - TS with up to 50 mph winds and pressure bottoms out at 1002 mb.
  • HMON - Weak low with barely any TS winds and pressure around 1009 mb.

End Result: