Tropical Storm Gordon

PTC 7 formed at the 5 PM advisory on September 2, 2018 with maximum sustained winds of 30 mph and a central pressure of 1012 mb. PTC7 was upgraded to Tropical Storm Gordon at 8:05 AM on September 3, 2018 in addition to making its first landfall on the far south Florida coast.

Tropical storm warnings were issued along the Louisiana and Mississippi coastline in response to the formation of Gordon. Gordon also made landfall upon formation over south Florida.

Gordon made landfall at 10:15 PM just west of the MS/AL border.

  • ECMWF - Nothing more than a weak TS with pressure never or barely getting below 1000 mb, but mostly stays above and around 1006 mb, though earlier runs indicated possible mid 990s. First to find the closed low consistently. LA Landfall around New Orleans.
  • CMC - Weak TS with pressure in the low 1000 and upper 990 mbs. Landfall near S LA.
  • GFS - Weakest storm with barely TS status and pressure above 1000 mbs, usually mid 1000s. Landfall near MS coast.
  • FV3 - Similar to GFS but strengthens more over water. Pressure between 1000 mb early on and 1008 mb average. Landfall slightly east of the ECMWF.
  • NAVGEM - Just an open wave that doesn't ever close.
  • UKMET - Weak and never becomes a TS, Landfall near FV3 location.
  • HWRF - Becomes category 2 hurricane with pressure around 973 mb at its lowest and winds near 85 knots. Landfall on the western MS coast.
  • HMON - Strong to moderate TS with pressure in the 990s or upper 1000s. Varies between the only 2 runs.

End Result: