Major Hurricane Jose

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Jose strengthened into a strong category 4 at the same area Irma did, and made history with Irma being one of two category 4s in the Atlantic at the same time. Never before have there been 2 category 4 hurricanes simultaneously in the Atlantic basin in history. Jose peaked at 155 mph during this time, just 2 mph from being a category 5. Jose passed north of the islands of Antigua and Barbuda, sparing the hurricane warned islands and weakening over the course of a weak into a tropical storm while looping in the open Atlantic. It took until September 15, 2017 for Jose to begin moving again to the WNW, which was aimed closely to the Mid- Atlantic or NE US.

On September 21 2017 at 11 pm, Jose became a post tropical cyclone with winds of 50 mph and a pressure of 987 mb.

After 70 advisories, Jose dissipated at the 5 pm advisory of September 22, 2017 as a post tropical low.

  • ECMWF - Strong cat 1 or 3, then either OTS or close to US. Sep 12: Weak TS to strong TS and fully OTS>
  • CMC - Spotted the system, developed a cat 2 or 1 hurricane and looped OTS. Sep 12: Either far OTS or up and then into the NE.
  • GFS - Develops a cat 1 hurricane. Sep 12: Clips Canada, but otherwise OTS as a major hurricane.
  • NAVGEM - Weak hurricane or strong TS. Sep 12: Close to the US and then into Boston area or the Mid- Atlantic.
  • UKMET - Cat 2 hurricane, Sep 12: South and towards Florida, in the Gulf or east coast.
  • HWRF - Cat 2 or 3 hurricane, OTS, Sep 12: OTS as a cat 1 or 2
  • HMON - Cat 3 hurricane, OTS, Sep 12: OTS as a cat 3 or 4.

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