Tropical Depression 16

Tropical depression 16 formed at 11 am on October 4, 2017 with sustained winds of 35 mph and a central pressure of 1005 mb in the Southwestern Caribbean.

TD16 became Tropical storm Nate late October 5, 2017 at 8 PM? Before slowly strengthening on October 6, 2017. That night, Nate's convection encased the center and rapidly intensified into hurricane Nate with winds of 75 mph and a pressure of 988mb. Hurricane watches and TS advisories extended well inland from Louisiana to Alabama to Georgia.

Nate dissipated at the 11 am advisory on October 9 up in the Midwest and Northeast area into a post tropical cyclone.

[List impacts and advisories as well as landfall locations]

  • ECMWF - Florida Panhandle hit as a strong TS to cat 1, maybe a cat 2 at most.
  • CMC - Weak TS hitting Louisiana to Mississippi to weak hurricane hitting Alabama or Mississippi.
  • GFS - Weak TS to low end Cat 1 hitting Louisiana.
  • NAVGEM - 986 mb Hurricane hitting Central Louisiana to the Panhandle of Florida.
  • UKMET - Strong TS hitting the Panhandle to Mobile, Alabama area to Mississippi.
  • HWRF - Cat 1 or 2 hitting Mississippi to Louisiana.
  • HMON - Weak cat 1 or strong cat 3 or 4 hitting Louisiana, mainly NOLA to Panhandle of Florida.

End Result: