Tropical Depression Nine

Tropical Depression 9 formed at the 5 PM advisory on September 7, 2018 with winds of 35 mph and a central pressure of 1007 mb.

  • ECMWF - Category 1 to 3 hurricane that heads straight through the Caribbean. Either weakens or remains intact near the end. Pressure in 960 mbs to 980 mbs.
  • CMC - Merges with TD 8 and moves Northward not far from its origin as a weak TS and pressure remaining in the 1000 mbs
  • GFS - TS to weak hurricane that either makes it halfway though Caribbean or all the way to the gulf at the same strength, then strengthens to cat 1 or 2 hurricane before striking the N Gulf Coast. Pressure in 990 mbs.
  • FV3 - Gets absorbed by other lows in the area after making it to Western Caribbean as a weak TS or becomes a cat 1 or 2 hurricane and goes OTS curving around the Lesser Antilles. Pressure 980 mbs to upper 990 mbs.
  • NAVGEM - Strong TS to weak hurricane influenced by TD 8 or making it to the Caribbean. Pressure in 990 mbs.
  • UKMET - TS to cat 1 hurricane with path just north of the Lesser Antilles.
  • ICON - Influenced by TD 8 and pulls northward fast, then recurves quickly. TS to weak hurricane strength, possibly category 2 at most. Pressure varies between 1000 mbs and 980 mbs, and 990 mbs and 970 mbs.
  • HWRF -
  • HMON -

End Result: